Design & Technical

Twinfix offers technical support to all of our customers, but especially to architects, specifiers and designers, to help ensure they specify the correct Twinfix product for their needs.

For pitched or curved glazing applications that are exposed to uniform distributed wind/snow load, we can assist you by recommending a bar system to suit. We can also provide information on polycarbonate sheet glazing material spans and glazing bar centres. We use our CAD (Computer Aided Design) programme and operators on many of our contracts to ensure that our recommendations are correct.

We work closely with the companies that supply us with our polycarbonate glazing sheet materials and our aluminium glazing systems in testing our products to ensure that they meet the most up-to-date Building Regulations.

Installation is a key factor when specifying any product. At Twinfix we work with many contractors and trades across the UK in whose work we have confidence. We would be only too pleased to put you in touch with them.

We strongly believe in working closely with our customers, many of whom return to us again and again because they have confidence in Twinfix, our product range and the services that we provide.

Our service offering includes:

  • Advice and consultation
  • Contact with fully trained and experienced people
  • Systems and processes conforming to the latest management system requirements
  • Project management
  • Design and development of quality glazing systems
  • Assistance with tender and budget preparations
  • Presentation, seminar and training packages
  • Help and assistance from start to finish

Please note that the 'dwg' downloads available on this page have been saved in AutoCAD format.

Help & Advice

If you have a project in mind or would like help or advice on any of our products or services, please either ring us on 01925 811311, email us at or get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.


Related FAQs

1. What is the minimum pitch for a polycarbonate roof?
Never install polycarbonate flat. Our standard glazing systems require a minimum pitch of 5° to ensure water can run off the roof and to eliminate ‘puddling’. Our Multi-Link-Panel modular system should be installed with a minimum 10° pitch. Contact us if you require clarification.
2. Can you walk on polycarbonate sheet?
Polycarbonate has been tested against UK wind and snow loads and we can supply you with recommended glazing centres for each thickness of polycarbonate. However you should never walk directly on polycarbonate sheet. A crawling board or similar should be placed across at least two structural supports of the roof. We can manufacture aluminium framed polycarbonate panels which have been tested for non-fragility to ACR(M)001:2014 – this does not mean you can walk on the polycarbonate but gives added resistance to accidental falls.