Blackburn Station

By | 20 December 2013

Blackburn StationThe original brief was to preserve the appearance of traditional patent glazing on the overhead canopy area whilst also taking advantage of the benefits of modern glazing materials.

Twinfix’s Multi-Link Panel system, glazed with 6mm solid polycarbonate, enabled the client to meet all requirements.

Material Selection

Solid 6mm polycarbonate sheet was selected due to its ‘glass like’ appearance. This material, when glazed into our Multi-Link-Panel results in a strong, easy to install, modular roof glazing system. The panels also conform to the Health & Safety Executive’s recommendations for safe roofing, having passed their drop test, ACR[M]001:2005 Test for Fragility of Roofing Assemblies, with a B. See the drop test below.

Glazing Bar Centres

Most traditional glazing bar centres are glazed at two foot (610mm), reflecting the availability of glass sizes at the original time of installation.

In order to preserve/replicate the overall visual appearance of a building’s original glazing, our Multi-Link-Panel system with solid polycarbonate was glazed at 600mm glazing centres, which are in keeping with the design of the existing platform.

Glazing Bar Colour

Whilst traditional glass glazing bars were almost invariably in a grey mill finish appearance, aluminium is usually polyester powder coated to protect the bars from future oxidation (which can give a chalky effect). Bars can be powder coated to any standard RAL finish.

All aluminium on the Blackburn project was coated to a Twinfix standard RAL 9910 semi-gloss white finish.


Twinfix offer a comprehensive in-house design and consultation service. For this project, one of the requirements was to have no intermediate purlins. Our design team were able to achieve this and span the 5m distance by welding the panel system a 60mm x 30mm aluminium box section.


This was quick and easy due to the prefabricated nature of the light panels. The roof glazing panels simply link together.

The end result is an impressive canopy area that really enhances the station.

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