Polycarbonate Glazing

By | 31 October 2016

Here at Twinfix we stock and use Makrolon polycarbonate.  This is a high quality, optically clear extruded glazing sheet manufactured in clean-room conditions by Covestro AG, a subsidiary of Bayer AG, in Germany.  As with all of our product range, we aim to use and offer the finest polycarbonate available in the marketplace.

We stock a wide selection of Makrolon polycarbonate in our Warrington premises, in different grades, structures, thicknesses, lengths and tints so that we and our customers can select the most suitable product for any particular application.

Solid polycarbonate has traditionally been used for both vertical and overhead glazing applications while the multiwall versions act like double glazing, retaining heat inside buildings.  These make great rooflight products.  There are privacy grades for use where light, but not visibility is required, and we also offer GW Polycarbonate, a 6mm stippled-surface, solid polycarbonate that mimics traditional Georgian wired glass and is ideal for use in Heritage buildings.

Safer than glass

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, being over 200 times stronger than the same thickness of glass!  It is so tough that you are unlikely to ever have a breakage failure, either while installing it or in use.  So, no more annual maintenance bills for regular replacement of cracked and failed glazing.  Fit polycarbonate once and then forget about it.

Incredibly light in weight 

 Polycarbonate’s light weight (less than half the weight of the same thickness of glass) produces many benefits during installation, use and transportation to and around sites.

It can be fitted using aluminium structures and frames, rather than steel ones.  Being able to replace the heavy steel frames that were required for glass with lighter aluminium frames can help to extend the life of an older building.  And being non-rusting, the aluminium will keep its good looks into the future.  25mm multiwall polycarbonate weighs only 3.4Kg/m².  Compare this with double-glazed glass that weighs around 30Kg/m² and it is easy to see why this sustainable product is often specified for overhead glazing in both new-build and refurbishment projects.

Polycarbonate’s light weight also results in fewer costs when physically moving polycarbonate around the country and around building sites.

At the end of its long life span polycarbonate may be recycled, along with the aluminium fixings used for its installation.


If you combine these product benefits with the ground-breaking selection of aluminium fixing systems and installation accessories that we offer, it is understandable that polycarbonate, in both its solid and multiwall forms, continues to be a regularly specified product in today’s modern building and construction world.

Watch this space for future innovations in polycarbonate glazing and installation!

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