Bolted Glass Canopy

By | 27 February 2017

This premium canopy is the latest addition to our range and can be created in many different styles, from cantilever to freestanding.  It’s made from galvanised and polyester powder coated steel and glazed with 13.5mm laminated glass that is fixed using satin stainless steel bolts.  The use of bolts rather than glazing bars to fix the glass creates clean lines and large open areas of glazing.

Suitable for any sector, this elegant modern canopy can be used to make a feature and provide shelter at an entrance, but can also be used for walkways and other purposes.

Generally these cantilever canopies are designed to be reverse pitch to allow the drainage to run into a gutter next to the building and to keep a sleek overall look.

As well as blending seamlessly against a modern building this contemporary product can also be used on more traditional and historic buildings to clearly show the contrast and add interest to the transition from old to new.

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