Polycarbonate donated for Fire Station greenhouse

By | 26 May 2017

After an appeal for help we recently donated 6mm Makrolon twinwall polycarbonate to the local Birchwood Fire Station.  They wanted to build a greenhouse in the Community Garden they are creating in spare land adjacent to their buildings.  Volunteers at the Fire Station, Craig Frost and his partner Pat Jones, have worked tirelessly in constructing the garden, all of it funded by donations from local companies.  Craig designed and hand-built the 14′ x 11′ (4.3m x 3.4m) greenhouse himself, using a wooden frame to create an airy space with a 14′ apex.

The garden is designed to provide the fire fighters with a relaxing, outdoor space for them to unwind in after undertaking some of their more traumatic duties.  In addition, it will be well used by local schools, cub scouts, cadets and other neighbourhood organisations, enabling them to learn about growing and nurturing seeds and plants.   The fire fighters already have good relationships with these organisations, teaching them about fire safety.  The garden includes raised beds where vegetables and flowers can be planted, making gardening accessible for all.  Craig has also developed a meandering path through a wooded area that Pat is busy planting up with flowering plants – all donated, of course.

Craig and Pat are keen to spread the word that the garden is available for anyone to visit during the day.  The Fire Station is very near Birchwood shopping centre, so they hope that the Community Garden will become a quiet and peaceful stop-off haven for you to visit en-route to do your shopping.  Do call in, say hello to them and don’t forget to admire their novel hanging baskets, made from old fire helmets!


One thought on “Polycarbonate donated for Fire Station greenhouse

  1. Norma Ashworth

    It is nice to see that volunteers are encouraged to provide recreational facilities for the public to use, and that they show our children what can be done with a little encouragement.
    Well done

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