Benefits of our Multi-Link-Panel NF – Non-Fragile Glazing Panels for Canopies, Walkways & Rooflights

By | 27 July 2020

A wide range of glazed canopies, walkways and rooflights are available from Twinfix, many of which are regularly installed in schools, railway stations and commercial properties. These include pitched roof designs, glazed with the modular Multi-Link-Panel NF (non fragile).

This is an innovative aluminium framed rooflight with a unique fix and link connection system that makes installation really quick and easy. The pre-assembled panels, manufactured to size in the Twinfix factory, are delivered to site on a ‘just in time’ basis ready for speedy fitting. The aluminium frames can be powder coated to any colour and may be fitted with various types and shades of glazing. This includes both multiwall and solid see through polycarbonate that looks like glass but has all the great benefits of polycarbonate.

This system is non-fragile, making it ideal for overhead glazing, benefits include:

  • Fast installation – The innovative fixing & linking method of these modular panels results in quick installation times
  • Factory pre-assembled – Means no costly and time-consuming mistakes on site
  • Safe in use – All Multi-Link-Panels NF are non fragile, in accordance with HSE recommendations
  • Long lasting – Low maintenance, durable glazing and non-rusting, aluminium frames that won’t need a repaint
  • Protection from UV – As polycarbonate does not transmit UV its use as overhead glazing in schools helps to protect children
    from the harmful effect of these rays
  • ‘Green’ products – Both the aluminium and the polycarbonate glazing may be recycled at the end of their long life span.
  • Incredibly light in weight
  • Easy to move on to a roof
  • Helps in extending the life of existing buildings/structures
  • Ideal for use in school canopies, walkways and rooflights

When fitted with solid, or our Georgian wired polycarbonate glazing, this system looks like glass, but has all the strength and durability of polycarbonate, is incredibly tough glazing – virtually unbreakable and floods areas underneath/adjacent with natural light, whilst protecting against UV.

The safety of people on roofs, is of paramount importance and is ignored at your peril. CDM regulations state that it is the responsibility of the designer/specifier of new or replacement roofing to design out any future possible dangers. Specifying Non-Fragile rooflights helps to do just that.

The HSE recommend a drop test (ACR[M]001:2014 Test for Fragility of Roofing Assemblies) to establish whether a roofing assembly can be
classified as Non-Fragile. Twinfix Multi-Link-Panels NF (Non-Fragile) pass this test with a ‘B’ designation – the highest classification polycarbonate can achieve.

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