Multi-Link-Panel Assembly

By | 10 March 2021

What better way to demonstrate how incredibly quick and simple our Multi-Link-Panel roof glazing system is to install than to produce an animation.

Below is a summary of how you can benefit from using this system over the more traditional bar and sheet method or glazing:

The Multi-Link-Panel is an innovative polycarbonate glazing product that, due to its ‘fix and link’ method of installation, is incredibly quick to fit, making it an excellent choice for installation in stations where possession times are an issue.  An important safety feature is that Twinfix Non Fragile Multi-Link-Panels conform to the HSE recommended test method ACR[M]001:2014.

These rooflights consist of pre-assembled modular glazing panels, manufactured to size for each individual project.  Each panel comprises of aluminium structural bars that are glazed with lightweight, yet tough, multiwall or solid polycarbonate. As panels are pre-assembled in a controlled factory environment possible errors caused by on-site cutting of the glazing sheet can be avoided and ensures the high quality of the product as we control the manufacture in our factory.

Also available as part of our Multi-Link-Panel is our in-line access hatch.  The in line access hatch allows access from below to clean gutters and therefore avoiding the need to go onto the roof.  The key to the hatch is that it is in-line with the rooflight glazing – making it ideal for heritage areas. 

Key Points below:

  • Long lifecycle – Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and will eliminate the maintenance costs involved in replacing broken glass.  Polycarbonate is UV coated on both sides.
  • Twinfix Non Fragile Multi-Link-Panels conform to the HSE recommended test method ACR[M]001:2014 (as outlined in document HSG33) and achieve a ‘B’ Classification.
  • Our Multi-Link-Panels are pre-assembled in our factory ensuring strict quality guidelines are adhered to which cannot always be guaranteed when roofing products are assembled on site.
  • In Line Access Hatch, to allow cleaning of gutters and roof  – manufactured as part of our Multi-Link-Panel these hatches are hardly visible and allow safe access through the glazing without needing to get on the roof.
  • Our Georgian Wired Polycarbonate has been used at many listed stations throughout the UK.  It looks the same as Georgian wired glass, but it won’t break.
  • The Multi-Link-Panel is light in weight and due to its modular format it is very quick to install which is very good for short rail possession works.