Aldi, Bolton Wood – Case Study

By | 29 April 2021

In the wake of current easing of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, there has been much discussion about how businesses can reopen while adhering to social-distancing guidelines.

Glazed canopies and outdoor shelters are already used by many businesses in the retail and hospitality industry all over the country. These versatile structures offer a cost-effective and quick solution to extending dining and recreational areas as well as offering customers a covered area for queuing to enter a building.

While traditional building extensions can be costly and take months to complete, canopies, shelters and walkways are quick to erect and more likely to fit within budget constraints. If a canopy is fitted with vertical glazing it will provide additional shelter from the elements – and the addition of lockable roller shutters can provide security, so the area can be used for night-time storage. It is also worth noting that the standards and legislation relating to canopies are relatively simple and easier than conventional building extensions to achieve compliance.

Last year, Aldi were looking to open a new store at Bolton Wood Retail Park in Bradford. The opening was delayed due to COVID-19’s first lock-down. An entrance canopy had been incorporated into the design of the store and Twinfix was approached to provide the roof-glazing system for the structure.

Since it opened its doors, customers at Aldi have been benefitting from the stunning 74 square-metre canopy, it enables them to adhere to social-distancing guidelines while sheltering them from the rain and strong UV rays of the sun. The structure comprises of the Multi-Link-Panel, an innovative, modular rooflight system that is incredibly quick to install and that outperforms more traditional systems in terms of cost, performance, and appearance. The system is classified as non-fragile in accordance with the HSE’s ACR[M]001:2014 drop test, providing an extra element of safety to this high-quality CE approved structure.