Our core values underpin everything we do at Twinfix

By | 23 November 2021

At Twinfix we are continually looking to the future, working to improve our current products, and developing further offerings for the roofing and canopy arena.

As a family run business, we understand that staying true to our values is the thing that drives us forward. They’re the principles that guide how we operate across the business. These core values underpin our everyday behaviours and future strategy.

Through our focus on customer service and continuous improvements, we will be recognised for our performance as the UK’s leading manufacturer of canopies, shelters, roof glazing and walkways.

Twinfix Core Values

We are proud of what we do, where we’ve come from, and who we work with.

Twinfix Sustainability


To provide a long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly product. Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is a great solution.

Twinfix Safety


Our products are always designed with safety as a key feature.

Twinfix Quality


We are proud to be a British manufacturer. We put our products through rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the high standards that our customers expect.

Twinfix Innovation


We love to design products that meet a need. We have designed products specific for the roofing and canopy market and enjoy the challenges that this brings.

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Georgian Wired Polycarbonate - mimics Georgian wired glass


IMG_2824Manchester Islamic Centre - Area 1