Case Study – Tunbridge Wells Station

By | 25 April 2022

Tunbridge Wells station is situated in the idyllic town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, the present station opened on the 25 November 1846 and the right side up is Grade ll listed.

When Twinfix were approached by GS Moore Roofing Contractors Ltd to restore the two platform canopies, one of the key requirements was to retain the historic look and feel of the station, while providing a glazing solution that was high quality and safe.

Twinfix have a wealth of experience restoring the platform canopies at historic stations throughout the UK. Their Georgian wired polycarbonate is a 6mm solid polycarbonate sheet with a dimpled surface that mimics Georgian wired glass, but it will not break in use.

The safety of people on roofs is of paramount importance and CDM regulations are very specific in advising designers and specifiers to design out any future possible dangers wherever possible. Specifying non-fragile rooflights helps them do that.

It was agreed that the innovative Multi-Link-Panel Non-Fragile (NF) glazed with Georgian wired polycarbonate would be an ideal fit for the refurbishment project at Tunbridge Wells.

In March 2021, the refurbishment was complete and 560 square metres of Twinfix Multi-Link-Panel NF glazed with Georgian Wired Polycarbonate had restored the platform canopies back to their former glory.