East Leake Primary School, Nottinghamshire – Case Study

By | 27 November 2023

At Twinfix, we take pride in transforming educational environments, and our recent project at East Leake Primary School in Nottinghamshire exemplifies our commitment to creating inspiring spaces for learning and play.

The challenge was to provide a solution that offered both functionality and safety. Twinfix designed, manufactured, and expertly installed a free-standing mono-pitch canopy spanning an impressive 4.7 meters by 18 meters run. This bespoke canopy featured our innovative Multi-Link-Panel NF (non-fragile) roof glazing system, ensuring durability and safety while maximising natural light.

Our school canopies offer numerous benefits to any education setting beyond just aesthetic enhancements:

  • Durability: Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.
  • Natural Light: Amplifies natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that enhances the learning environment.
  • Safety: Compliant with safety standards, the non-fragile panels prioritise the well-being of students and staff, reducing potential risks associated with breakage.

To further augment safety measures, post protectors were integrated into the canopy design. These additions provide an extra layer of protection, safeguarding students against accidental collisions or bumps, ensuring a secure and worry-free environment for playful interactions and educational activities.

The installation of the free-standing canopy has revolutionised the outdoor space at East Leake Primary School. It has become a versatile area for various activities, from outdoor lessons to playtime, fostering creativity, and encouraging outdoor engagement regardless of weather conditions.

Twinfix’s commitment to quality, safety, and innovative design shines through the project at East Leake Primary School. The integration of our Multi-Link-Panel NF roof glazing system and post protectors not only enhances safety but also creates an inviting, well-lit, and adaptable space that supports the holistic development of students.

At Twinfix, we continue to pioneer solutions that redefine educational spaces, prioritizing safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

Creating Safer, Brighter, and Inspiring Spaces for Learning – That’s the Twinfix Way.