Aluminium Wall Plate

The 290 aluminium wall plate is a simple support structure used when installing Twinfix structural glazing systems such as the P227, P280, P284, P288 and the P600.

It is installed at the top end of a roof slope usually onto a wall or suitable support and its simple design enables glazing bars to be positioned at pitch angles ranging from 5° to 25°.

Colour:Mill Finish, White or Brown
Length:4m and 6m as standard.

How it works

Aluminium Wall Plate

The leg of the wall plate is fixed to the wall by drilling through the two locating grooves. The type of fixing used will depend upon the substrate to which the wall plate is being fixed. Fixings should be installed in a zig-zag pattern i.e. Use a fixing in the top groove then move along 300mm and fix in the lower groove and keep repeating to create a ‘W’ pattern with the screws.

If installed correctly, the wall plate will look like a lower case letter 'b' shape when viewed from the side.

The glazing bar base is then screwed to the wall plate and the glazing sheet installed as per the fixing instructions available for each bar system.

Wall plate end plates (ref. 290EP) are fitted to the ends of the wall plate using the end plate fixing screws supplied.

The top of the finished glazing is weathered using a lead or butyl flashing (ref. 200/20).

Colour Options

Mill finish as well as polyester powder coated white (RAL9910 satin) and brown (RAL8040 satin) are available as standard. We can also supply the 290 wall plate painted to a specific RAL colour although this may be subject to a minimum quantity requirement and surcharge.

Mill FinishRAL 9910
White (satin)
RAL 8040
Brown (satin)
Please note: The colours shown are not 100% accurate and are for guidance only


  • Supporting Twinfix glazing system at the wall end of a roof

Complementary Item

At the lower end of a roof, an aluminium eaves beam (Ref. 291) can also be supplied.

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