P261 Glazing Bar

An aluminium capped rafter gasket glazing bar into which multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or glass can be fitted onto rafters at least 60mm in width.

The P261 can be supplied either as a pre-pack complete with the aluminium cap, gaskets and end plate or as loose individual items. The P261 glazing bar can also be supplied as a hipped glazing bar with a glazing bar cap that is 70mm wide and more angled than the standard version.

Standard Glazing Bar

Colour:Mill Finish, White or Brown
Length:3m, 4m (and 6m as individual components), white also available in 2.5m and 3.5m lengths, other lengths may also be available.

The P261 glazing bar is designed to be fitted onto 60mm wide rafters and consists of a 60mm wide rafter gasket (ref. 261), an aluminium cap (ref. 228), gaskets (ref 226G) and a screw fit end plate (ref. 228EP).

The rafter gasket is nailed to the rafter using galvanised nails at 300mm intervals, the glazing sheet sits on the rafter gasket and the cap is drilled at intervals no more than 350mm apart. 65mm stainless steel wood screws are then fitted through the cap into the rafter. A screw cover cap is needed to cover and protect the head of the screw.

The P261 glazing bar is supplied as a pre-pack in 3m and 4m lengths and as loose items in 6m.

Hip Glazing Bar

Colour:Mill Finish, White or Brown
Length:3m and 4m (and 6m as non-standard)

To make the bar suitable for a hipped application, the glazing bar cap is changed for a wider more angled cap and re-named as P261H.

The P261H glazing bar is supplied as a pre-pack in 3m and 4m lengths and as loose items in 6m. The 3m and 4m pre-pack consists of the aluminium glazing bar cap, 60mm wide rafter gasket, bubble gasket pressed in the full length of the aluminium cap down either side and a wide push fit plastic end plate.

Colour Options

Mill finish as well as polyester powder coated white (RAL9910 satin) and brown (RAL8040 satin) are available as standard. We can also supply the aluminium cap painted to a specific RAL colour although this may be subject to a minimum quantity requirement and surcharge.

Mill FinishRAL 9910
White (satin)
RAL 8040
Brown (satin)
Please note: The colours shown are not 100% accurate and are for guidance only


  • Rafter Assembly Roofing
  • Conservatories
  • Canopies
  • Car Ports
  • Lean-to Conservatories
  • Porches

Glazing with Glass

The P261 glazing bar is suitable for use with glass up to 24mm thickness. Twinfix cannot advise as to the size of rafters required or at what centres they should be placed. We do recommend that a mechanically fixed end plate similar to our RG-MEP end plate be fitted at the foot of each bar.

Complementary Fixing Accessories

Side TrimU Profile
Ref 272 - 10mm
Ref 273 - 16mm
Ref 275 - 25mm
Side TrimRef 252 - 10mm
Ref 253 - 16mm
Ref 255 - 25mm
U Profile
Eaves FillerFixing Buttons (white)Fixing Buttons (brown)
Ref 226F226 Eaves FillerRef 272 - 10mm
Ref 273 - 16mm
Ref 275 - 25mm
Ref 252 - 10mm
Ref 253 - 16mm
Ref 255 - 25mm
Anti-dust/Breather TapeButyl Flashing
Ref FT or PBT 10
Ref FT or PBT 16
Ref FT or PBT 25
Anti-dust/Breather Tape200/20 White
200/20 Lead
Butyl Flashing

Help & Advice

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Related FAQs

1. Can I use your glazing bars to install glass?
You can use all of our bars to install glass, with the exception of the P600 and P700 Snap-fit systems. However, please note that you will need to use a Mechanical End Plate to ensure the glass is held securely in place; the plastic end plates that are supplied with the bars are only suitable for use with multiwall polycarbonate.