Easiglaze roof glazing panels feature an ultra-low profile for the safe, quick and easy installation of multiwall polycarbonate in vertical applications. Fitted from the side each panel is designed to be installed without sealants and gaskets. The built-in water management system ensures no leakage will occur.

The made-to-measure panels consist of an aluminium frame that can be powder coated to a range of standard colours that is fitted with 16mm multiwall polycarbonate glazing available in a range of tints.

Easiglaze – 16mm multiwall polycarbonate panels

Maximum panel length:6000mm
Maximum free span:2000mm
Maximum glazing centres:1000mm

The low profile of these panels not only looks elegant but aids easy installation of the flashings. And, there are no screws on view – these are hidden in a fixing channel.

Because the panels are factory assembled, site errors are eliminated and fixing time is greatly reduced. Quick and easy installation is eased by the way the panels are installed. Once each corner of the first panel is screwed into position the next panel is ‘push-fitted’ into place and fixed down through the fixing channel. The screw cover is then snapped in place to provide a smooth elegant appearance. This simple process continues until the full length of the glazing has been achieved.

A full range of matching fixing accessories is available. This includes special side trims to complete the installation, and flashings can be custom made to order.

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