Glaze-Guard is a simple, two-part, attractive aluminium profile which accepts thicknesses of solid polycarbonate glazing up to 8mm. It is quickly assembled, easily fitted and leaves no unsightly or vulnerable fixing visible on the finished installation.

It is available powder coated in white or it can be coloured to match a particular scheme.

It has a deep rebate to ensure that the polycarbonate sheet is adequately retained under load to accommodate any flexing of the sheet under impact.

This is an ideal product for use as secondary glazing where window security is an issue.

You will find two documents on this product for downloading: Glaze-Guard is a 1-page sales flyer and the Glaze-Guard Framing System is a four page document that contains more technical information, including dimensional drawings.

Glaze-Guard 'h' glazing profile

The Glaze-Guard 'h' Glazing Profile is designed for quick and easy installation of solid polycarbonate glazing. It consists of an aluminium 'h' section that will accommodate 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm polycarbonate, by the simple use of inserting different sized gaskets.

Please download the document entitled Glaze-Guard Glazing Profile for full data on this very effective, yet simple to fit, system.

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