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Twinfix wish you a safe, fatigue-free Christmas

Every year, industries up and down the country work hard to plan and prepare for winter.

At Twinfix, as part of the supply chain, we always do our best to support our customers with their adverse weather planning. The rail industry, for example, are working hard and engaging with their supply chain to ensure the tracks remain operational, as the temperatures across Britain drop. It’s not only at this time of year we think about safe journeys and the safety of our rail colleagues, but the festive period heightens our awareness of safety, fatigue, and winter working.

Hazards change with the season

Winter is officially here, and the colder weather brings its own challenges and risks. While we are at work it is easy to forget the risks of the season and focus on finishing tasks before the Christmas break. Frozen car parks and slippery pavements are the obvious hazards for the time of year but poor lighting, slippery grass, dark indoor environments, congested delivery bays, heaters, extension leads, and trailing scarves can also be something to keep a keen eye out for. The remedies for these are quite simple and something everyone should already know. Keep the carparks and pavements gritted, wear warm clothes, use additional lighting if needed, stick to known routes, keep leads and trailing items out of walkways, etc.


Even though most of us take a festive break, lots of people still work over this period to keep the railway functioning. It’s at this time of year, we need to pay more attention and it’s important we all keep a watchful eye on ourselves, family, friends, and co-workers for early signs of fatigue. Workplace fatigue can lead to accidents, injury, ill-health, loss of productivity, and potentially fatal outcomes. Fatigue is generally considered to be a decline in mental and/or physical performance that results from prolonged exertion, sleep loss and/or disruption of a person’s ‘internal clock’.

Rail Wellbeing Live

Rail Wellbeing Live is the biggest health and wellbeing movement in the history of the rail industry. Set up in 2020, it has a simple mission- to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who works in rail. Recently, they held a webinar to discuss the challenges, sacrifices and sense of purpose whilst working in the rail industry through the festive period. You can watch this webinar on demand here;

Vicky Evans, Twinfix Director, said “At Twinfix, we care about the wellbeing of our people and are aware of the risks of fatigue and fully support any efforts to raise awareness. We understand that causes of fatigue are not just restricted to the workplace. With the current economic problems, the cost-of-living crises and inflation there is an additional pressure to earn more and spend less. Concerns over paying bills and ensuring everyone gets all the things they want at Christmas, can pile on more pressure. We have a duty of care to our people ensure we do not put anyone in a situation they aren’t able to cope with while at work. At Twinfix, we have a wellbeing programme for our people and encourage an open culture of support and compassion to help support each other.

Twinfix Team

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