Buildings that are used to provide healthcare provision, such as doctors’ surgeries, medical centres and hospitals, might well be able to make use of some of the Twinfix product range to improve their facilities.

Canopies and walkways

Glazed canopies and walkways can be employed for many uses:

  • Canopies installed at entrances help to quickly point people in the right direction. They can also incorporate eye-catching signage.
  • They can be used to create motor cycle/bicycle/pushchair shelters. Glazed sides can also be added should you wish.
  • Maybe you have a space between buildings that could be covered over to create an inexpensive usable area?
  • Glazed walkways not only protect staff and patients during inclement weather but they can also act as easy to follow routes round your facility. You could also colour-code the aluminium frames to differentiate areas within your site.

Whatever your need, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you.

Overhead glazing

Polycarbonate is a great product to use. It is incredibly tough so will withstand knocks and bangs. The multi-wall structure product helps to retain heat within a space while its light weight means it doesn’t need heavy and expensive structures to hold it securely in place. Compare 6mm glass that weighs 15 Kg/m2 with 16mm multiwall polycarbonate that weighs only 2.6 Kg/m2, and 6mm solid polycarbonate that weighs 7.2 Kg/m2.

Our Multi-Link-Panel NF combines an aluminium frame glazed with multiwall or solid polycarbonate in a very quick to fit modular rooflight. The NF indicates that this system is classified as Non-Fragile to the HSE’s recommended ACR[M]001:2019" drop test. This is an incredibly quick product to install, so keeps any down time to a minimum.

Should you prefer a more traditional glazing system you can install multiwall polycarbonate with one of our structural or rafter glazing bar systems. Where glass rooflights are your preferred option we can also supply these.

If your need is for polycarbonate domes we can provide these from the very wide range that we offer.

Vertical glazing

Twinfix Multi-Click is a click-fix multiwall panel system that simple clicks together within a thermally broken aluminium frame. This is a great product for any vertical application where you need light but not visibility, such as plant room glazing, or high level glazing in any area.

We also provide other types of polycarbonate for use in vertical glazing applications and will be very glad to discuss these with you.

Aluminium Goods

We can manufacture pressed/fabricated aluminium goods for many different types of flashings, sills and louvres. These are bespoke items made to suit your needs.

In addition you can order powder-coated aluminium rainwater goods that have a long life, won’t rust in use and require little in the way of maintenance.

Help & Advice

If you have a project in mind or would like help or advice on any of our products or services, please either ring us on 01925 811311, email us at or get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.