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Case Study, Newmarket Hospital

Newmarket Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in the United Kingdom, has revealed a remarkable transformation with the addition of a new walkway spanning a total of 99 square meters.

One of the standout features of this canopy is its structure, meticulously crafted from powder-coated aluminium. This choice not only guarantees durability but also reduces the maintenance demands on Newmarket Hospital. In a healthcare setting, where patient care is paramount, this ensures that staff can concentrate on their core responsibilities without the constant worry of upkeep.

The new walkway showcases the innovative Twinfix Multi-Link-Panel Non-Fragile (NF) roofing system, which incorporates polycarbonate glazing. This roofing system is not just about allowing natural light to permeate the space; it’s also about doing so while ensuring adequate weather protection.

This unique roofing system utilises polycarbonate glazing, effectively diffusing sunlight, creating a well-lit and evenly illuminated space beneath the canopy. Patients, visitors, and staff can move comfortably without the discomfort of harsh sunlight or the risk of glare. The canopy also provides effective weather protection, shielding individuals from rain and creating a dry and secure passage, regardless of the weather outside.

The design of this roofing system aligns perfectly with safety standards, particularly in healthcare settings, as it complies with HSE’s drop test ACR[M]001:2019, ensuring it is non-fragile and capable of withstanding potential impacts without shattering.

In a healthcare environment, safety is non-negotiable. The Twinfix Multi-Link-Panel NF glazing meets rigorous safety standards, providing protection against potential breakage. This means that even in the rare event of an accidental impact, the glazing won’t shatter, minimising the risk of injury to those underneath. It’s an assurance of patient well-being, and it’s something Newmarket Hospital takes seriously.

Vicky Evans, Director at Twinfix, commented on the project: “The new walkway at Newmarket Hospital is a testament to the superior quality and design expertise offered by Twinfix. This installation marries durability, aesthetics, and safety, ultimately enhancing the healthcare experience for all stakeholders. We take pride in having delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Newmarket Hospital.”

This project is more than just a canopy; it’s a symbol of progress and excellence, and it’s a part of the journey toward a better healthcare experience for all.”

A certain kind of light

When we think about hospitals, most of us think about a functional place, full of busy people. We think about the movement of beds and carts and trolleys around wide halls and double doors. Signs attempting to direct us and help navigate a maze of corridors and wards. We also think of physical health in relation to hospitals and don’t necessarily make the connection to mental health.

Traditionally, hospitals were large, imposing structures with their design focused on functionality. Hospital architecture has evolved as we have come to realise the vital role that the environment plays in the recovery and well-being of patients. In recent times, the design of hospital environments has sought to eliminate the coldness and impersonal feelings associated with these places. Today, priority is also given to generating well-being for users, with a focus on generating welcoming and friendly spaces that are safe and secure.

Hospital design innovations reflect the evolution of medicine and healthcare. Hospital architecture is constantly evolving, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and taking into account the psychological and emotional considerations of patients. The use of natural light is a key trend in modern hospital designs. Bright and well-ventilated spaces help create wellness and peace of mind.

Vicky Evans, Director at Twinfix said; “We have been playing our part in this story for over the last 30 years. We understand that light is essential to our wellbeing and health. It regulates our sleep-wake cycle, and it can also help with our daily routines. Light helps to keep us energised and increases our concentration levels. A bright well-lit environment makes us feel safer and aids in geographic orientation.”

At hospitals throughout the country, Twinfix have been helping provide natural light inside the hospitals and care homes, making the outside spaces more accessible. With its team of experts in the polycarbonate and roof glazing fields, Twinfix works on developing the best, newest and most cost-effective roof glazing products. These are specialist products can be used to rejuvenate hospital corridors and wards or to add protection from the elements to outside spaces.

By providing cutting edge products with the look and feel of more historic glass yet delivering all the benefits of the latest in material technology, Twinfix have been able to help let the light in and open up these cathedrals of medicine.

Twinfix, the pioneers of polycarbonate can replicate the historic look of traditional glass using their polycarbonate range of products. Polycarbonate can be manufactured to replicate the most complex glass systems including Georgian Wire. Polycarbonate offers significant weight savings over glass meaning the support systems and roof can be designed to look original while complying with building regulations rather than beefed up. The polycarbonate system will last longer than glass, be resistant to UV damage and, depending upon the design requirements, be almost unbreakable. All of these makes maintaining and

cleaning the roof easier than with glass, enabling the light to shine through for years to come.

Next time you’re at a hospital or visiting a care home and you find yourself bathed in natural light while waiting for an appointment or wandering the halls, or you feel the need to get some air and take shelter from the rain, as you take a deep breath and find some of the tension leaving you. Take a look up as you might be standing under some of our work.

The list of medical facilities and care homes Twinfix have worked with is increasing all the time. From Furness General to Newton Hospital, New Cross Eye Centre to Royal Preston Hospital, Salford Royal, Southmead Hospital, Nottingham Hospital, Princess Alexandra, Liverpool Heart and Chest testing facility and the Royal Albert & Edward Infirmary Twinfix has a solution to help you feel better.

This week, we will be exhibiting at Healthcare Estates in Manchester. Come and visit us on stand H10, register to attend here.

Transforming Healthcare Spaces: The Impact of Twinfix Canopies

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, providing exceptional patient care goes beyond medical treatment. Creating comfortable and inviting environments for patients, staff, and visitors is equally important. Twinfix, a pioneering provider of innovative glazing systems, has been at the forefront of revolutionising healthcare spaces with their advanced canopies.

The installation of Twinfix canopies has a profound impact on any healthcare environment:

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients can experience a sense of well-being as they enjoy the outdoors without exposure to harsh weather elements, contributing to their recovery process.
  • Improved Staff Morale: Hospital staff appreciate the canopies as they provide a space for outdoor breaks and relaxation during busy schedules, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Visitor Comfort: Families and friends find solace in the covered outdoor spaces, fostering supportive interactions and reducing stress during challenging times.
  • Safe Connectivity: Patients and staff move comfortably between buildings regardless of the weather, reducing potential slip and fall hazards.
  • Energy Efficiency: The lightweight and thermally efficient glazing contributes to reduced energy consumption within the connected buildings, aligning with our collective commitment to sustainability.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek design of the canopy systems adds a touch of modern elegance to a hospital’s architecture, creating a visually appealing environment.

Beyond their practical benefits, Twinfix canopies create spaces that prioritise patient well-being and comfort, enhance staff morale, and foster positive experiences for visitors. As healthcare institutions continue to focus on patient-centric care, Twinfix remains a reliable partner in creating safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environments for all. By blending innovation, sustainability, and thoughtful design, Twinfix continues to play a vital role in reshaping the future of healthcare spaces.

Some recent examples of our work in healthcare can be found below: