The documents that are listed below are all available as individual downloads. If you would prefer us to send you printed copies please either call us on 01925 811311, email us at or complete your details on our enquiry form.

Rail Photo Sheet.pdf  Rail Photo Sheet.pdfA Photo sheet showing examples of our work in the Rail sectorPDF3.50 MB
Twinfix Multi-Click Photo Sheet.pdf  Twinfix Multi-Click Photo Sheet.pdfTwinfix Multi-Click Photo Sheet in PDF formatPDF3.68 MB
Case-Study Pembroke Dock Station.pdf  Case-Study Pembroke Dock Station.pdfA case study of Pembroke Dock Railway StationPDF4.06 MB
Case-Study Aberdeen Station.pdf  Case-Study Aberdeen Station.pdfA case study of Aberdeen StationPDF2.30 MB
Case Study - Silverstone Primary School.pdf  Case Study - Silverstone Primary School.pdfA case study of the canopy installed at Silverstone Primary SchoolPDF892 KB
Case Study - Clatterbridge Centre.pdf  Case Study - Clatterbridge Centre.pdfA case study of an installation ofTwinfix products at the Clatterbridge Centre, Liverpool.PDF849 KB
Case-Study Cheltenham Crematorium.pdf  Case-Study Cheltenham Crematorium.pdfA case study of a canopy installation at Cheltenham CrematoriumPDF925 KB
Case-Study John-Lennon.pdf  Case-Study John-Lennon.pdfA case study of glazing installation at John LennonPDF839 KB
Case-Study - Bognor Regis.pdf  Case-Study - Bognor Regis.pdfA case study of Bognor Regis StationPDF662 KB
Case-Study-Sir-John-Moores.pdf  Case-Study-Sir-John-Moores.pdfA case study of a canopy installation at Sir John Moores Primary SchoolPDF1.05 MB
WB-300 - 16mm easiglaze section.pdf  WB-300 - 16mm easiglaze section.pdf16mm Easiglaze SectionPDF149 KB
WB-300 - 16mm easiglaze section.dwg  WB-300 - 16mm easiglaze section.dwg16mm Easiglaze SectionDWG197 KB
WB-301 - 25mm easiglaze section.pdf  WB-301 - 25mm easiglaze section.pdf25mm Easiglaze SectionPDF150 KB
WB-301 - 25mm easiglaze section.dwg  WB-301 - 25mm easiglaze section.dwg25mm Easiglaze SectionDWG200 KB
WB-003 - fabricated lean to canopy.pdf  WB-003 - fabricated lean to canopy.pdfFabricated Lean-to Canopy DetailPDF211 KB