Mono-pitch Canopies

A mono-pitch canopy is very often the original choice of design when considering a glazed cover for any building. Our standard mono-pitch, the Meridian canopy, consists of an aluminium wall plate, an aluminium eaves beam supported by aluminium fixing posts and glazed with our Multi-Link-Panels NF with a maximum length of 4m down the slope.

Mono-pitch canopies with longer panels are also available, and the distance between posts can be extended if required, please see our Bespoke Canopies page.

The Multi-Link-Panels NF can be glazed with one of three products, depending upon your requirements:

Lean-to mono-pitched canopies

It is important that the wall to which your lean-to mono-pitch canopy is going to be fixed is of suitable build and height to safely take the weight of your canopy. We also recommend that there are at least three courses of brick above the position where the wall plate is to be fixed. Where there is any doubt about any of these factors, for safety reasons we would always recommend a free-standing canopy. This is one of the elements that our Surveyor will cover during your site survey.

Free-standing mono-pitched canopies

Free-standing canopies can be situated close to a building and they can often be fitted in such a way that rainwater is kept out at the ridge (top) end by the use of special designed aluminium flashing.

Help & Advice

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