Multi-Link Thermal

Our Multi-Link Thermal™ is an evolution of our tried and tested Multi-Link-Panel. It provides an improved U value to help prevent heat loss from buildings whilst still achieving a ‘B’ pass classification under the ACR[M]001:2019 test for non-fragility.

Well insulated rooflights are rightly seen as an invaluable aid in the drive to construct or modify buildings in a manner that achieves maximum sustainability. In many commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices, artificial light consumes the majority of the energy that contributes to the building’s carbon footprint.

Designers who are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption need to use natural daylight where possible as the primary means of lighting. They find that rooflights have a lot to offer - allowing daylight into buildings. In many cases walkways and corridors can also be supplied effectively with natural light.

The psychological and physiological benefits of natural light in building environments is well researched, from the improved performance of students in schools and colleges to the quicker recovery of patients in hospitals, as well as many other commercial applications.

Where refurbishment is being undertaken, the light weight of the modular Twinfix Multi-Link Thermal™ panels can enable rooflights to be introduced onto structures unable to support a heavier glass system.

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