You can obtain from us a wide range of polycarbonate glazing products that are ideal for the education environment. These include:

  • Non-Fragile polycarbonate glazed panels for rooflights
  • Aluminium-framed canopies and playground shelters
  • Glazed covered walkways
  • Vandal-resistant glazing
  • Multi-Click vertical privacy glazing

The education environment demands robust, attractive and functional products that will last and that will also help reduce any establishment's carbon footprint. The range of Twinfix glazing products often used in schools, colleges and universities are usually manufactured from powder coated aluminium and glazed with solid or multiwall polycarbonate. All of these are low maintenance products that can be recycled at the end of their long life span. Powder coated aluminium keeps its good looks for many years - and, unlike other metal products, it will not rust in use and it will not require future repainting.

School Canopies, Playground Shelters & Walkways

Over the years Twinfix has designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of school canopies, playground shelters and covered walkways for education establishments, including nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Each structure is designed to fit and enhance its surroundings while providing the school with the type of canopy, playground shelter or walkway they need for their purpose. We provide a full in-house service, from design right through to installation.

Outdoor areas that are currently not usable during hot or wet weather conditions can be made into fully productive parts of the school or nursery:

  • Canopies installed adjacent to a nursery classroom create an easily accessible area for sand and water play, while a walkway can give protected transit for staff and pupils between buildings at any school site.
  • Parents of nursery children often appreciate a buggy shelter in which to leave their push chair or pram.
  • A large area covered by a canopy makes a great outdoor classroom and doubles as a meeting place for older students during general association time.
  • Economically priced outside eating areas can be created in a matter of weeks by installing a large-framed canopy that also incorporates side glazing.
  • Canopies can help to make any school or nursery more attractive to parents, as playground canopies or shelters offer a broader and safer play/social environment for children.

School outdoor areas are a real asset; installing a Twinfix canopy helps to make sure that they are fully utilised.

We can design, manufacture and install various types of canopy including wall-fixed or free standing lean-to canopies, duo-pitch canopies, curved canopies, cantilever canopies or canopies made from timber.

If you require something a little different, we can design fully bespoke canopies to fulfil your requirements.

To offer a more tailored service specifically for schools, we have developed a dedicated website, please visit Canopies For Schools for more detailed information on our range of school canopies, including testimonials, funding options, and planning information.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Glazing

Multiwall polycarbonate is an incredibly tough yet very lightweight product that acts like double glazing, helping to keep the heat inside buildings whilst allowing in high levels of light transmission. We manufacture 'safe', non-fragile rooflights using this modern-day glazing material that we also install on our pitched roof canopy systems.

Twinfix Multi-Click is a multiwall polycarbonate, click-fit glazing sheet that is used for vertical glazing applications, such as sports halls and plant rooms, where it provides a great combination of light transmission and privacy.

Solid Polycarbonate Glazing

Solid polycarbonate is the ideal glazing product for use in low level doors or in windows that face on to playgrounds. Being virtually unbreakable it can withstand flying footballs or even cricket balls!

Overhead Glazing

Replacing old and failed overhead glazing in corridors and workshops with either polycarbonate rooflights or domes can help increase the levels of natural light and also cut down on heating and lighting costs.

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