You can obtain a wide range of polycarbonate glazing products from us that are ideal to help improve the working environment. These include:

  • Non-Fragile polycarbonate glazed panels for rooflights
  • Smoking / motorcycle / bike shelters
  • Vandal-resistant glazing
  • Multi-Click vertical privacy glazing
  • Roof domes and pyramids
  • Pressed and fabricated aluminium goods

Today there is a requirement for robust, attractive and functional products that will last and that will also help reduce any establishment's carbon footprint. Twinfix glazing products are usually manufactured from powder coated aluminium and glazed with solid or multiwall polycarbonate. All of these are low maintenance products that can be recycled at the end of their long life span. Powder coated aluminium keeps its good looks for many years - and, unlike other metal products, it will not rust in use and it will not require future repainting.


Upgrading old roof glazing is quick and easy using Twinfix polycarbonate roofing sheets, in either polycarbonate panels (Multi-Link-Panels) or fitted within glazing bars. Providing high levels of natural light, the use of multiwall glazing will also help cut heating and lighting costs.

Choosing multiwall polycarbonate glazing to replace glass in roofing applications gives you many benefits. Being very light in weight it does not need heavy structures to hold it in place, and on older premises, the light weight of these rooflights can help extend the life of the building. The multi-wall structure of the polycarbonate roofing acts like double glazing; it helps to keep heat inside the building and creates comfortable, draft-free work spaces below. Being UV stabilised it will not yellow noticeably over the years, and with its smooth flat surface it can be self-cleaning in rain - although an annual wash down of any polycarbonate roofing is also a good idea.

Traditional glass roof glazing is usually installed at 600mm centres; with polycarbonate glazing this can be extended, depending upon the product being fitted. For example, 25mm multiwall can be fitted at 1250mm centres, and 16mm multiwall at 1000mm centres. This results in more light ingress, and less shadows from the glazing bars. Because polycarbonate glazing is so tough - in its solid glass-like form it is over 200 times stronger than 6mm glass - there will be no breakage problems during installation and no cracks or crazing caused by the the building's settlement movements.

Polycarbonate sheets can be used in a wide range of both refurbished and new-build industrial and commercial roof glazing applications:

  • Northlights
  • Glazed corridors
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Warehouses

You can choose from a wide range of different systems for installing both solid and multiwall polycarbonate glazing in roofing situations. These are split into two different systems; polycarbonate glazed panels for complete easy to fit rooflight systems, and the more traditional method of split glazing bars and individual polycarbonate sheets.

Our GW Polycarbonate sheet is a glazing product that mimics Georgian wired glass and is a great fit where there is a Heritage requirement to replace failed Georgian wired glass with something that looks the same. It is available as solid polycarbonate with either smooth surfaces to both sides or with a dimpled surface to one side.

Panel Systems

Panel systems consist of either solid or multiwall polycarbonate fitted into an aluminium frame. These are made to measure in our factory and arrive at site ready for quick installation.

If you are providing a non-fragile roof, as advised by CDM regulations, the test currently accepted by the HSE to classify non-fragile roofing assemblies is contained in the Advisory Committee for Roofwork document 'Test for Non-Fragility of Profiled Sheeted Roofing Assemblies, ACR[M]001:2019'. You can read all about this on our Non-Fragile page. Our Multi-Link-Panel NF passes this drop test with a ‘B’ designation. This is also very quick to install due to the fix and link fixing method.

This system is also available as a fragile panel, the Multi-Link-Panel.

Where access on the roof space is restricted the Easifix Panel may be the solution as this is fitted from the side, unlike the Multi-Link-Panel that requires space to link one panel over the previous one.

Smoking / Motorcycle / Bike Shelters

Should you need any sort of shelter attached to or adjacent to your premises we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Read all about our shelters by clicking on this link.

Vertical glazing

Twinfix Multi-Click is a click-fix multiwall panel system that simple clicks together within a thermally broken aluminium frame. This is a great product for any vertical application where you need light but not visibility, such as plant room glazing, or high level glazing in any area.

We also provide other types of polycarbonate for use in vertical glazing applications and will be very glad to discuss these with you.

Aluminium Goods

We can manufacture pressed/fabricated aluminium goods for many different types of flashings, sills and louvres. These are bespoke items made to suit your needs.

In addition you can order powder-coated aluminium rainwater goods that have a long life, won’t rust in use and require little in the way of maintenance.

Help & Advice

If you have a project in mind or would like help or advice on any of our products or services, please either ring us on 01925 811311, email us at or get in touch via the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.